*"My Cabbages!!!!" * Agriculture is a very hard industry to get into. Successful farmers have access to generations of information and knowledge, usually from family members who passed the farm down to them. New people looking to get into the industry do not have access to this information.

This is a big problem in countries where food is not readily available. Farmers need access to information to maximize their harvest and help feed their country.

Our application aims to combat this problem.

What it does

Our application pulls weather data from accuweathers api, and runs that data through an algorithm of our creation. The algorithm then determines if planting a crop on a certain day will provide a successful harvest.

The end user will input their location, the day they wish to plant their crop, and the crop they wish to plant. As of right now we are only allowing users to use cabbages as their crop of choice. This is because the accuweather data we have access to is only 45 days, and the time it takes to grow cabbages is 45 days.

How we built it

We used python to create the algorithm, and accuweathers API to pull our data. We are hosting our server using AWS (Amazon Web Services). We bought our domain through Currently the only working front end is built in swift, that is what we will use to show our demo.

Challenges we ran into

We lack front-end developers so we focused on the server and the algorithm for this project. We wanted to build a web-app but only had the knowledge to build an IOS application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our algorithm.

What we learned

Each team-member learned a bunch of new skills.

What's next for Crop Kinect

Eventually we would like to expand the application to be a live almanac of sorts, to allow for farmers to have access to a huge database of information.

Prizes we are trying for

General competition (Submitted using devpost) Accuweather Challange (We used Accuweathers API to pull our data) Best use of AWS (We used AWS to host our server) Best Domain (We registered a domain through

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