Scheduling has always been difficult, but scheduling by minutes is HARD. Scouring the internet, we couldn't find any productivity or scheduling app that could tackle this challenge. Nonetheless, we wanted to create something that we could use every day and draw inspiration to use time more wisely.

What it does

Cronos is a scheduling app that emphasizes the use of 1440 minutes in our day. We created a timer to show how many minutes you used in your day, and scheduler that breaks your day into 5-minute increments. With the touch of a button, you can schedule your day in a revolutionary way, never missing a minute. Create your account to save your schedule now.

How we built it

We built Cronos using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript all while using Brackets to seamlessly code. We left room/emphasis on the use of cloud infrastructures and APIs.

Challenges we ran into

For the majority of us, we either didn't know how to use the HTML, CSS, and Javascript or haven't used it in a while, so the challenge was relearning the language and using it to create a useful application. Trying to figure out the use of cloud and API services was the extent of our difficulties.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We take pride in our finished product: an app that serves a practical purpose, displayed in a professional format. Our lack of experience with the programming languages involved magnified this pride.

What We learned

As mentioned previously, we had to learn/relearn HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In addition, we managed to further develop our teamwork and communication skills.

What's next for Cronos

We implemented areas for advertisements that we would hand-pick to meet the aesthetics of the app. We also implemented the idea to use user data to further our ability to create the perfect scheduler app for you. This would most likely be powered using Firebase and Google's Cloud Infrastructure, so we left room for cloud and API implementation.

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