Normally developers keep track of their work hours inside Jira and then need to copy/paste this information into another system which is used by the whole organisation. This is why we built a smart clock tool that allows developers to clock time and then save as worklog entry. The entry including hours and comments get automatically transferred to Cronforce.

What Cronforce Time Tracking for Jira does

Cronforce includes features such as:

  • Track time from issues in JIRA
  • Save automatically in Cronforce
  • Project and task selections are pre-populated once chosen.
  • Entries are populated with the issue ID and title.
  • Worklogs are automatically created

How I built it

It took us quite a lot of time because we already have an integration with Jira that connects from Cronforce to Jira and pulls all booked times. Now we had to implement the opposite plus ensure both integration work smoothly with each other as well as make the addon smarter and user friendly e.g. pre-select project to track etc.

Challenges I ran into

We did not run into particular challenges but we enjoyed the process very much and learned a ton about the inner workings of Atlassian products and Jira in particular.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have mastered the Atlassian SDK and it helped us do some improvements on our own API.

What I learned

Atlassian SDK, API best practices.

What's next for Cronforce Time Tracking for Jira

We will add some more features such as:

  • Add an option in the worklog window to push hours into Cronforce - not every developer wants to run a clock tool so we want to allow to sync entries made directly into the worklog.
  • Sync times based on collaborator, not assignee as until now.
  • Detect and select the project to book time before starting the timer
  • and of course a lot more other feature requests from our clients.

Cronforce - made with love in Berlin

Update: Here is our dedicated jira time tracking video:

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posted an update

Guys, thanks for all votes. I believe this was it and results will follow in the next days. Considering the quality of the contenders it was an impressive result. Independent of this, thanks all of you for being so loyal to us. We did not even dream of such high numbers.

In the mean time already released our video tutorial for the 2nd part of the Jira integration: As you may know we not only provide an addon but also a configurable integration with Jira (Go to Settings > Integrations).

Big Thank You!!!

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posted an update

Hi all, Thank you for all the support! In these 10 days we received a lot of feedback, suggestions and KUDOs. It means a lot to us and we are super thankful!!!

Give us a final boost with just few more hours remaining till the end of the Hackathon!

Thank you!

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posted an update

Here comes my next update: we are adding an autoguess functionality so the project can be preselected for time tracking - you then don't have to do anything while in a ticket - just press the start button and initiate time tracking.

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posted an update

Hi guys, we work on a cool new feature that will allow users to track time without even having an account with Cronforce. We want our addon to be usable by as many as possible even if that means you won't become our customer.

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