A MASSIVE misconception is that CRM focusing only on attaining prospects and managing that attainment. A HUGE component in reality, is also managing customers and their reviews AFTER they have purchased products and services. Their reviews heavily affect future prospects - so much so that good companies spend MILLIONS tracking reviews every year - our project focusing on this major interest of businesses except that our product is totally free and open-sourced.

Many times the data for reviews that come-into sites live is hard to process - hard to analyze and understand for proper relations management, just by reading rows and columns of data alone.

This tool links-up with a GraphQL review setup so that you can see the true view and understand - at a glance - what is going on with your site reviews in real time.

What it does

The app hooks-up with GraphQL review setups (see the concise YouTube video for a quick demo) so that when you have live customer reviews or ratings that would most likely need to be managed or actioned on (for good quality and lasting customer-relations), you can see what those reviews look like at a glance, in one visual view and with rich images to enhance the comprehension of your reviews.

Moreover, given a particular review of interest - say a very negative one or one with a very odd image for the product review - you can directly click on that in one instance through the app and get key information pertaining to the review in the site's database, so that if it needs to be removed or identified to respond to the user with support, you can do so all the way down to the technical level and be 'in-the-know' with how you manage reviews and your customers/reviewers.

Don't wait for reviews to pile-up and then analyze customer sentiments - with our app ANY business can hookup and gain many-folds of knowledge more on their customers' reviews, complaints and compliments.

How I built it

Built using Monday's SDK along with community resources. The Monday SDK would benefit from more examples, and hopefully this project helps to add some to that - we want to build the Monday community and see it be a massive success. A lot of support was available through reading commonly answered Qs from the community support, as well as the main coding done with React and on the product side, GraphQL & Python.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding what is REALLY IMPORTANT for CRM and focusing on the gap between tech-specialists and customer support capabilities. Our product achieves what's REALLY IMPORTANT by enabling customer support and CRM teams to understand in real-time what reviews look like and catch human-trends that may be occurring with newly launched products, etc. We bridge the gap between the technical side and CRM end by giving everyone a single view that encapsulates review data - starting with an easy-to-understand overall pane, but offering the ability to dive-deep to the technical data behind each review with more clicks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to provide, hopefully, a tool that can be used, grown and customized for hundreds of companies to hookup into and understand their reviews and be their best with CRM.

What I learned

  1. The hardest challenge was understanding that CRM tools should be based on customer satisfaction, and then by transitivity, the company.

  2. In CRM, having access to encapsulated layers of data is essential to be able to support customers from end-to-end with minimal context-switches.

  3. Monday's app framework is extremely powerful. There is still a lot to develop with the community and grow and serve.

What's next for CRM: TotalSight Reviews

Hopefully promoted for use in the community - both for use across orgs, but also for future development.

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