The concept that “an idea” can change the world seems far fetched not to mention unrealistic as well as a stale story owing to the fact that ideas don’t work on their own. Therefore the right people, place, resource and process makes it all worthwhile. As true as that may be, it does not change the fact that the idea itself is very key.

Our idea is to change the world for the better. The questions of ‘how” and attitude of “what can be done that has not been” comes up.

The world today maybe large in mass or space but still is referred to as a global village because of the barriers that communication has broken. However, global village or not, it will take a lot to make any material change at all, let alone a positive one. But then, all u need is a drop of water on the still surfaced water to get ripples that will span as far as possible. Therefore, a little idea is really all that is needed.

In view of the current challenges of insecurity in the world today and the various complications and intricacies involved in challenging the problems. We thought its time to pay attention to the little details. The unrest in most parts of the world today started as mere verbal confrontations ignored or not attended to on time or properly for many reasons therefore degenerating to a state where arms are carried to communicate simple ideas or grievances that would have been ironed out by dialogue and in some cases a simple apology.

It is note worthy however that people are often times than not caught in d act of ignoring he needful in resolving disagreements for personal gains. And it is owed sometimes to the absence of a means to communicate both to the other party or the intermediary ( in many cases the police) the lack of knowledge of “how to” and “whom to” is what we are most interested in and are therefore resolve in solving..

It is also important to note the role of media in all of this. The media being the mouthpiece of the people, its importance cannot be over stated. Unfortunately even the media has been caught in the webs of bad politics and all sorts of social decadence making it lose its important role to the value of “dollar faces”.

This project seeks to take back this lost glory, and power and put it back in the hands of the ordinary man. The world as we know it today with over 7 billion people, and the majority of that amount being between the ages of 13years to 49years of age, a significant group that cannot be ignored and therefore our target users.

With a reasonable amount of this age group having access to the web or/and phones, it is ideal that effecting a change targeted at this group would be most effective to achieving the goal of change.

Not to dabble too much into the implications of war or disagreements in the world, but the common knowledge that the progressive economies of the world are all interdependent, it therefore means the problem of a neighbor can easily become yours. I have decided to tackle this ugly phenomenon from its roots. A project that will enable you assess the right authorities with minimum struggle or strain in good time. This venture attempts to cogently address the three primary Base of Pyramid issues of Availability, Accessibility, and Affordability.

What exactly does this spell out in the bigger picture? A group of individual in a community(a) move to another community(b) to wreck havoc, which they successfully carry out. However the people most hit in the community (b) complained to their leaders and a reluctant inquiry is made, and of course followed by denials and eventually sweeping the matter under the rug. Charmed by the success of their escapades, they decide to repeat the action but on a slightly bigger scale. This time the people hit are not as calm as the previous, reprisals take place on the community (a), on innocent individuals without knowledge of the wrong committed. It becomes a question then of who should apologize as all parties gear up to retaliate as it were. These communities happen to be on a vast area of land sitting on a large deposit of oil(crude). The host country of the communities happen to be the world’s biggest supplier of oil(crude). The conflict however escalates and, the crude mining process is stalled. The host nation suffers losses in revenue as well as extra cost for containing the disturbance, and also loses investors. Buying nations are short on the product; the higher demand drives prices up and invariable cost of production as the value money waters down. The effect ripples down to unemployment, child mortality, crime rate e.t.c all receive a boost owing to this unrest.

The little illustration may not happen to the letter but is to give an idea of how important it is to communicate. Of course a lot would have been avoided if the matter was given the needed attention before it became an issue. This project seeks therefore to make that communication possible with least effort by providing a means of reporting issues to the appropriate authorities and having evidence and therefore, resolving matters as they arise.

On a broader scale however, it will also serves as a platform to exchange views, learn and be educated on important issues

Our Solution: Criziz recognizes that the best way of tackling poverty, illiteracy and unemployment is to first get people educated directly or indirectly with access to information, medium to air their views with short stories and with direct access to Authorities. In the bid to make the African populace literate, we recognize that this people are poor and may not have access to the latest technologies; we are therefore bringing innovative, free, interactive and readily-available tools into use. The tool (Mobile Phones) is selected because they are available to a large population of people in Africa than computers. They are cheaper to have for every age group in the society. Conventional means of information dissemination are expensive and hard to set-up.

The key feature how ever to me is moving or taking an extra step to systematically help repairing or restoring normalcy to areas affected by 'unrest' or conflicts with our main focus on women and children under the age of 13(thirteen), as statistically are the most affected group in such cases. This will be done by giving and supervising the use of 80% of profits after costs to the rehabilitation process. It is our candid aim to materially reduce the rate of unrest in the world as we know it today. And this project will be key to achieving the said goal.

Not forgetting to mention other in-app features like Report Emergency(Allows you report crimes,Accidents,Incidences to the nearest authority), Play Fosoke(game) , share a story(where Parse Technology was integrated, in the future i intend to include Facebook API,Twitter API etc) and the News Feature(which groups major news from sports through gossip to lifestyle)

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