We write so much in our day to day lives, we thought, why not build a reviewing platform that allowed us to improve our skills on that? With college applicatications and finals coming soon for us, this would serve beneficial for us.

What it does allows students to submit essays/other writings and get reviewed and get a reputation in our website based on a point system. You pay 30 points to submit an essay, and you earn 50 points from reviewing someone else's essay. To make sure the feedback reaches the writer in a timely manner we used SocketIO to provide real-time support on the feedback and ratings. Having feedbacks along with ratings allows people to engage in a real world application and allows them to excel in things like essays and college applications.

How we built it

We used Flask for the backend, and the normal HTML, CSS, JS for the frontend. We started off with the basic submit-essay functionality and then moved on to the more detailed functions of the service. Yuvraj worked on backend + frontend, but mostly backend. While Rohan worked on backend and Arnav worked on frontend.

Challenges we ran into

SocketIO Bugs (Ratings not working) - SOLVED Website Design not working well with the backend - SOLVED Being able to work in a team with members with different levels of expertise and experiences in different languages - SOLVED

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have built such a detailed and user-friendly service in such a short-time. With our friendly UI and the power of our backend, we were able to create an application that has very high potential to instill the writings skills in current and future generations needed to succeed in school and life

What we learned

We learned a lot about SocketIO. Working together as a team, although we had a couple of arguments about certain things, we always came to a compromise. Learning Flask and learning new things like animations and all that cool stuff allowed us to create an application as divine as this.

What's next for CRITIQUE.LY

We want to build an AI model for a plagiarism checker inside our project itself, no external APIs or anything, and when we finish that, we plan to move to build fully AI built reports for your essay, with analysis on word-choice, grammar, and punctuation. We are all attending a Berkeley Bootcamp for Data Science and ML, which will help us build these functions in the future. After that we plan to make this project live to the public.

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