A friend of mine once received a bad service from a business, but when he emailed them they only responded after a day or two. They said they had other emails to attend to, while this doesn't take away the importance of other emails, I believe an email with negative sentiment depending on the degree of negativity depicts a very unhappy customer. In a world of social media, I believe business/company should try to resolve such issues as quickly as they can. Unhappy customers can easily cause damage to a business.

What it does

Critikal uses sentiment analysis to detect the sentiment in the message through the form, it's through this that the app determines whether to mark an email as a high priority or normal priority email before being sent to the respective subscriber's mailbox. It also uses key phrase extraction to match against user provided tags. These tags are words or topics of interest to the user. The app works with any mailbox but it's currently much suited to outlook as it comes with an add-in which allows the user to act upon these emails by changing their statuses from open to either actionable or resolved. Actionable is used to indicate that the business intends to work on what is talked about in the email while resolve indicates the conclusion of the issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing it in time for submission on a busy schedule is something I'm proud of.

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