We were inspired by many YouTube videos of women being catcalled while walking down a street and decided to ask the community to work towards a data visualization of where people are most frequently harassed. We are aware that harassment is not exclusive to women, and thus this application to applicable to all so that users are able to use the data as they may.

What it does

Owl-crisis allows users who have been victims of catcalling, harassment, and assault to log the location of the event where it happens and the severity of the situation (marked in colors). It encourages users to spread awareness about the frequency of these situations while still maintaining their anonymity and providing them with resources they may need. Owl-crisis stores this information in a database and allows users to visualize the data in a map, thus allowing them to use the information whether for education or for protection or more.

How We built it

We made a Mongo database in MongoDB Atlas and created a node.js app which queried it's API. A google map was also connected to allow updates of locations wherever a user may be.

Challenges We ran into

We ran into issues involving our lack of education involving all of the tools we used, but eventually pulled through and learned enough to get by. There were also issues with installations of different resources we had wanted to use among our team members and our differences of laptops, and thus backup measures were to be taken to finish a product we could be proud of.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Having an app with functionality and open to further improvement. We believe this this idea can be greatly expanded upon to become something much better than what our small team could do in 24 hours. But we are happy that we have something to show for what we had in mind to express our thoughts of how the future can be changed. Perhaps all of this data visualization could be taken to more security measures to ensure everyone feels safe going about their day to day.

What We learned

We learned how to use MongoDB and about the benefits of using a NoSQL database. We also learned more about web development and UI as well as Google Cloud services and Google Maps. Also we learned that planning ahead and knowing the logistics are important especially in a team.

What's next for CrisisOwl

We plan to add existing information from police reports into owl-crisis to increase the amount of data available. With a much more populated map, users will be more aware of what streets taken will have a higher chance of harassment, and choose to avoid them if they desire. We also plan to improve the overall user experience with the design of the application. Universal usability is next in our priorities as everyone anywhere can be a victim. CrisisOwl will also have better security and measurements taken to make sure that this system is not abused or spammed.

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