Enhancing students well-being and academic performance is a major concern for societies.

We help tackling this challenge using Chatbots and AI for university students!

Research shows (Kosidou et al., 2014) that students at risk for school failure have increased rates of suicide. So it is important to have a easy to use interface in which students get immediate help. Additionally, sometimes, even when we are doing well in life, we just need to talk, however it's not so easy to openly seek help.This can be due to outside pressures, stereotypes, or cultural-based stigmas. Something sensitive such as suicidal thoughts might be too hard to speak freely about. Introducing CareBot, the non-judgemental AI concierge chatbot for students in crisis!

What it does

Carebot uses a ML model to predict grades of students based on several multi-dimensional outcomes such as educational, social, and socioeconomics. It also detects suicide predictors from grades and offers support. Additionally, the bot can offer suicide intervention to people that aren't suffering from low grades.

How we built it

AWS Lex was the basis for the chatbot, Azure Face & Emotion API was used in combination with peer-reviewed psychological scales to detect current mental state, and we implemented the python scripts using AWS Lambda. Finally, we deployed the app on the Facebook Messenger platform for simplicity and ease of use.

Challenges we ran into

Integration of Azure and AWS and getting Zucced by Mark Zuckerberg's along the way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting it to finally run on the Messenger platform. We're also proud of running the machine learning model and having the chatbot tell me that I will "definitely fail" based on my grades.

What we learned

We learnt how to build AI chatbots on AWS.

What's next for CareBot

We wish to expand Carebot to deal with more mental health issues than just suicide (ex. Depression, Anxiety, & Stress). We also want CareBot to have a more meaningful conversation by creating more intents and slots. This can be achieved by returning meaningful advice based on actual peer-reviewed psychological evidence. We also plan to expand to Whatsapp (via Twilio)

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