Natural disasters present significant challenges to everyone in impacted areas, especially elderly residents. Many elderly people do not make substantial preparations before disaster strikes and are thus more likely to disproportionately suffer the consequences of nature's calamities. We wanted to focus on a technological solution to make responses to natural disasters easier for this user group.

What it does

The app compartmentalizes essential communication resources into a single location for ease of access. The user interface is also simple and easy to use, with large non-overlapping buttons and crisp, soothing colors. Users can call 911, find contact information for their nearest Red Cross chapter, speed dial emergency contacts, and send emergency alerts to other users in the community.

How we built it

We used Android Studio to develop the app.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time using Android Studio, and so there was a steep learning curve, especially when tweaking the user interface. We mastered basic operations, but spent a lot of time in doing so.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our app automates several key tasks and is easy to navigate for our target audience. Our app sends push notifications for emergency alerts and automates calling and browsing features.

What we learned

We learned how to use Android Studio to create a functioning mobile app with several functionalities, including some automated tasks. We learned how to manipulate the user interface and relate the structure of our code, including the user experience, to our function.

What's next for Crisis Kit

There's a lot of ideas and improvements we are looking to make. We want to make the emergency contact feature more robust to support any number of friends or family members, include access to more emergency relief organizations, and enhance the community aspect of our emergency alert system. We also thought of implementing a rideshare service to pair evacuating drivers with elderly users who need help leaving a disaster area. In a similar vein, we also thought of including a delivery platform for emergency supplies -- similar to Doordash or Favor.

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