Tackling Climate Crisis - Learning from CoVID-19


When facing a crisis human society can transform very quickly, in matters of weeks. The supply and demand shock that a pandemic produces dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. Societal resilience builds on elements of social justice (universal health care and paid sick leave among others). CoVID makes society (overall) more responsible, caring and with greater solidarity between generations. We intend to aggregate all of these learning and developments from the CoVID crisis that can be translated into the global Climate Action.

What it does

We start off with a broad overview of how the current situation has led to inadvertent developments in abating climate change. We look at four separate domains and explore each one individually for their key takeaways:

  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Energy & Building
  • Industry & Pollution

We analyse and highlight how these fields got affected and transformed during the crises and how societies, corporations and governments came together to tackle and solve issues. We then outline the next steps and how these learnings are to be adopted & continued with the same or higher level of urgency for fighting Climate Change.

How I built it

We started off with a collaborative whiteboard using Miro where the entire team jotted down ideas from all over the place with regard to adoption of best practices. This was followed by several Zoom calls and slack conversations where we identified 4 major thrust areas and divided the whole group into sub-teams to work on individual topics. At this point, we started aggregating the ideas into Google Slides to give shape to our final submission presentation. At the same time, we started a Google Doc to outline the script for the video and also the DevPost submission. The whole team came together to collaboratively develop the presentation and docs, as well as debate, argue and conclude each of the topics on calls and conversations.

Challenges I ran into

One of our challenges of course was to bring together so much of the diverse and amazing content into a concise presentation and an even shorter 1 minute video. The other part was also to ensure that all possible views were aligned since we are a team with very diverse backgrounds and affiliations but discussions always led to mutually conclusive solutions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The team is very proud of how we could pool in everyone's experience to comprehensively address each of the sub topics when it comes to learning and transferring strategies for tackling a global pandemic into Climate Action. With a team spread across Europe and Asia, the intellectual diversity of how different countries are reacting differently to the situations and how all of these developments could be focussed into the Swiss perspective is key to what made us work great as a team.

What I learned


The rapid reconversion that we witnessed in many sectors of industry to meet the new needs in the COVID-19 crisis shows that production processes can be readily adapted to new needs and challenges.


The COVID-19 has shown us the importance to come back to our basics: community, safety, sustainability and priorities. We are also thinking about what is really needed and what is a waste in terms of consumption; what is destroying and what is improving.

Energy and buildings:

Indoor spaces, housing and architecture are changing with more people than ever staying home. The thrust on making buildings and communities self sustained in food, energy and waste needs to be continued. This involves investment in micro-farming, sustainable housing, and 100% renewable carbon-neutral economies.


The CoVID-19 crisis shows that the transportation sector can be adapted rapidly to a strong threat. It is up to us to make the positive changes persistent and build on top of them to stop climate warming.

What's next for Crisis Learning for Climate Change

We intend to set up a web platform to continue monitoring the developments in various sectors as communities, societies and economies respond, react and recover from this global crisis. Further submissions from the public would also be added to this platform after vetting. The Climate Crisis is of an equally grave importance as this pandemic and a central repository of learning from the CoVID crisis would help accelerate actions for fighting climate change.

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