What it does

Crisis Guard is a crossplatform service used by people during natural disasters as a way to efficiently get help, and for rescuers to respond as immediately and effectively as possible.

Our mobile application allows users to send up a "flare" when in trouble, pinpointing their location on a map, that is later shown on the web for rescuers to see. As more users send flares up, the clusters change color, indicating how dire the cause is, and thus helping the rescuer pick the most efficient route.

The app also features basic facial recognition, and after training our algorithm to recognize a person, we are then able to detect similar people located in our database. This would be used to identify survivors.

Our final feature is to allow for nearby connections. Even when there is no data, we are able to detect who also is in close proximity of survivors using their smartphone. From there, our app allocates profile photos and names, making it easy for survivors to find each other.

How we built it

Our back-end was put together with rock solid PHP using the Laravel framework. Our website was built using HTML and Javascript. Our machine learning algorithms were trained using Clarifai's API, and our Android app was built using Java, XML, and the Android framework.

Challenges we ran into

Making a fully cross-platform service where data travels between more than just a server and client is difficult. Data has to be in a readable format that can easily be parsed by everyone's respective language.

Something we found was that just because something was written in "valid" JSON that did not make it easy to parse in certain languages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We developed a cross-platform service with an Android front-end, web front-end, back-end, and a basic machine learning model that can be used to recognize users.

What we learned

Doing everything is difficult. The next hackathon we go to, we will try to focus on one or two killer features, rather than getting no sleep, and working ourselves to death to get everything implemented.

What's next for Crisis Guard

Stay tuned! We would love to continue to develop it!

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