With a possible global recession and new confusing stimulus packages announced around the world daily we wanted to build and website and mobile app to help people better understand what they are eligible for so that they can better manage their money in crisis situations.

What it does

Crisis Budget allows users on the desktop to get a quick understanding of what financial assistance they are eligible for without having to provide any identifying information. The mobile app, on the other hand, provides a personalised experience allowing to add your information so that you can budget your expenses and income, as well as get updated if you are eligible for assistance when new stimulus packages are added.

Website explainer video:

How I built it

To build crisis budget we needed to test the functionality first so the mobile app was built as a design prototype in Adobe xd by Oskar and the wireframes were created in Whimsical. Cameron created the website in python with ttk libraries.

Challenges I ran into

Overall the process was relatively smooth however, Oskar ran into some video encoding errors and glitches that we weren't able to fix that effect about a second of the video after multiple renders and Cameron ran into some errors with image handling from the python library he was using.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud that with a two-man team we accomplished so much in just 48 hours with a video, wireframing, research, design and a mobile and desktop prototype.

What's next for Crisis Budget

Expand to accommodate more advanced budgeting, recommendations and advice from financial planning experts.

Built With

  • adobexd
  • python
  • tkinter
  • ttk-libraries
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