Crisis Beacon


One of our team mates was a former Search and Rescue Paramedic Firefighter. Noticed that a lot of patients were not able to be reached on time because the SAR teams did not know where people where were. So we decided to solve this problem by building on top of what Facebook already has; Safety Check-ins.

Project Description

FB Hackathon 2019: We wanted to respond to the problem that crisis responders don't know the location of where to find people during a public or private crisis. So this bot responds directly to a person in need of a crisis response by flagging a crisis responder on the map.

Live Server Link

API Endpoints

User Beacons

- Arguments: Beacon Model
- Returns: status of 200 or error status 500

INDEX GET /beacons
- Arguments:
- Returns: An array of objects with beacons, and status of 200 or error status 500

READ GET /beacon/:id
- Arguments:
- Returns: An object of a beacon, and status of 200 or error status 500

Emergency Situations Without Internet Access

Crisis Beacon can be used in situations without internet access using the SMS protocol to signal emergencies.


Crisis Beacon Deck

How we built it

We used React, Google Maps Api, Facebook's Messenger API, Facebook's Graph API. We also used to heroku and used the System's architecture of microserving each of the features into their own respective servers.

Challenges we ran into

Messenger API was a little hard to work with by having the bot respond to the user. Facebook limited on releasing longitude and latitude of the user, so we had to convert an address into it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got our MVP working :D

What's next for Crisis Beacon

Polishing up the app with better UI for the rescue teams by seeing the patient (user).

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