Personal loans between friends pose a peculiar predicament, where forgetful friends are often forgiven, and your precious money disappears with no return.

What it does

Our web app Crippling Debtors eliminates forgetful debtors through tracking and managing all your personal loans and notifying your debtors when due dates approach, via our automated SMS notification system.

How we built it

The web interface was built using Node.js and EJS, and connected to a MySQL Database server. We integrated the data with our own automated SMS notification API using Standard Library.

What we learned

The Hack Idea should be finalized prior to the event, as we took a while to agree upon an idea to implement, suffering a great lack of sleep as a consequence.

What's next for Crippling Debtors

We would like to extend our services through a Facebook Messenger bot, and design a database structure which can track the bi-directional relationships between Facebook friends, notify through Facebook messages, and provide online payment methods.

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