Wanted to make something cool with the Pebble and Police data.

What it does

Takes a user's location and passes that to the data API. That then returns a set of data about recent crimes in the area. This is displayed to the user in a variety of ways. For instance, you are able to see how many crimes, the type of crimes and their frequency and the exact spot that most of the crimes occurred.

Additionally users can shake the pebble to refetch data and can set the app to automatically update every 20mins if they are walking around and want regular updates.

How we built it

Using the CloudPebble IDE and PebbleJS API (plus GitHub ofc).

Challenges we ran into

JavaScript.... The Pebble API is lacking when developing in JS as this functionality has only been recently added. Understanding the documentation (PebbleJS != PebbleKit JS). CloudPebble IDE can be slow to work with. Pebble has a limited screen and button inputs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It runs. First time working with a lot of tech e.g. the Pebble, JSON, JavaScript (for Charlie).

What we learned

[] + [] = "" [] + {} = {} {} + [] = 0 {} + {} = NaN JavaScript is a strange language. However it was something we had not really used before so it was good to learn it. Esp using API to get data and JSON/AJAX stuff.

What's next for CrimeWatch

Tidy up and them put on the Pebble Store

Built With

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