Rising crimes against LGBTQ community members in Developing nations like India.

What it does

User can report dangerous areas based on his location, and can also search for possible dangerous locations near him and get the name of place which is nearest.

How we built it

Using Python for scripting, and using Google Firebase for storing and accessing records, and using latitude and longitude information for storing location data.

Challenges we ran into

Frontend part, database speed, actual location information (as I am not able to use Google Maps API due to financial constraints)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working of application as expected

What we learned

Use of firebase, and applications of Python

What's next for crimeReportApplication

Making frontend, Using Google Maps API for getting location correctly, Using Database other than Firebase for increasing speeds of data access, Also planning an utility to remove details of area which is marked as dangerous, based on some given heuristics by user.

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