We were inspired by the fact that over 70% of violent crime at schools goes unreported, as well as 60% of property crime and 50% of simple assaults.

What it does

CrimeFighter is a beautiful, lightweight app that revolutionizes and modernizes crime reporting. CrimeFighter has three main functionalities:

Reporting a stolen item

People can report an item missing and those in close vicinity to the crime will be alerted with a description of the object or thief. If they have seen the item or the thief, they can Witness it.

Witness allows users who have seen a thief or object after the crime to update the object’s location and provide additional details about the perpetrator.

Where is this useful, and why would you use this over the police?

CrimeFighter is designed for closed environments: colleges and schools. A laptop or backpack stolen inside a college or school is likely to remain inside the school. Quick, immediate, and rapid alerts increase the likelihood of finding these items. Using the power of your classmates and the cloud, CrimeFighter revolutionizes tracking small theft in real-time.

Watching a Lost Item

CrimeFighter isn’t just for stopping crime that has happened, it's about looking out for crime that might happen. If you forget an item, you can place a Watch on it. Any users who walk by the location of your forgotten item will receive an alert, and can verify to make sure that them item is still there. Or, they can report that it’s gone.

Why is this useful? Someone who forgets their laptop at a location in school might not be able to get to it until the next day. Between the time they leave this item and the time they try to pick it up, dozens of people will walk by. If the item gets stolen some time in between, having confirmations that an item was still there at 5:00 but gone at 6:00 helps pinpoint the time of the theft.

Big Data for Small Crime

CrimeFighter can help people see where past crime was committed, and can help them determine how urgently they need to retrieve their item. Through CrimeFighter, users may find that they left their item in a high-crime area, and thus need to retrieve it as soon as possible. If CrimeFighter tells them that the item is in a low-crime area, they might return at a more convenient but later time.

How we built it

CrimeFighter uses BigParser’s API to read data from historical crime data. CRIMEFIGHTER uses MongoDB to efficiently manage its user and item databases. We are revolutionizing small crime reporting in the 21st century, using crowdsourcing and Big Data to create a complete, accurate picture when you need it most.

Challenges we ran into

The BigParser API was challenging to use at first, and setting up the MongoDB server took time. Syncing all notifications and testing the server functionality were important and took time during Sunday morning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a beautiful, functional, app that takes a novel approach on an age-old problem. CrimeFighter is revolutionizing crime reporting.

What we learned

We learned time-management and dividing up roles to play to teammates' strengths are critical to have a functioning team and improve performance.

What's next for CrimeFighter

We wish to improve the functionality of the reporting system, and expand the data analytics beyond urban areas.

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