The best defense is a good strong preparation. When it comes to your safety, you should know what's going on around you. Crime Watch is an app, available in both iOS and Android, that unveils the dangers the lurk in your surroundings. Maybe that park isn't the safest to take your kids to. Maybe you should consider taking an Uber home tonight. After all, safety first! You deserve to feel safe.

What it does

Shows you what crimes have occurred around you recently.

How we built it

We used data available for the city of Montreal to see where all the crime was occurring and created some visualizations using R to see if this was a project worth pursuing. There was a decent amount of cleaning needed to be done, which was done using the Pandas framework in Python.

That was the first 4 hours. The next 20 were spent agonizingly screaming, pleading, bargaining and crying with Ionic, a mobile SDK to build applications.

Challenges we ran into

Ionic is terribly difficult and Google Maps API wasn't exactly a walk in the (safe) park either. Generally communicating with the phones were a giant hassle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're multiplatform! Seriously! (iOS and Android)

What we learned

Ionic is terribly difficult. Also, I need to move.

What's next for Crime Watch

Creating an aggregate metric that tell you how fast you should start running away. Also including time of day.

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