To create a mobile app which supports the crime-fighting authorities of San Diego by eMpowering citizens of, and visitors to America’s Finest City with a one-stop tool to inform themselves of and report on the latest crimes in the area...and subsequently help manage and hopefully reduce crime incidents in our city.


The City of San Diego Seal’s motto is “Semper Vigilans” (Latin for “Always Vigilant”) and so inspired us into choosing datasets which assist San Diego communities in keeping abreast of, and reporting on, multiple crime types and incidents.


For concerned and vigilant citizens of San Diego, the CRIME WATCH SAN DIEGO mobile app provides a one-stop gateway to aggregated information on unsolved cases, missing children, and other crime in the area.

The app pulls in a variety of trusted feeds and social media streams from San Diego-related authorities such as CrimeStoppers, the Police Department, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children California.

This always-to-hand mobile app includes a quick and easy way to anonymously report tips and crimes directly to San Diego County CrimeStoppers via phone, SMS, and the web.

Other features include an aggregated Crime Ticker with the latest updated news from a variety of sources, a dedicated Crime Stream news screen, an Unsolved Case Wall, and a rich and dynamic Spotlighted Case(s) section which includes feeds from case-related Facebook, Twitter and YouTube postings.

All relevant postings in the streams and walls within the app link out into their associated app, mobile web, or full web page; and we’ve also integrated the ability to spread awareness of cases via the powerful native sharing options in Android via your social networks, email, and SMS.

Throughout the app you’re able to bring on board more “Vitizens” as we like to call San Diego’s vigilant citizens, by easily sharing the app via multiple options. There's also an easy-access Side Drawer / Quick Menu on the left which helps you shortcut to useful sections like our QR code reader for missing children’s cases, Spotlighted Cases, plus a link back to the Home Screen Hub with our Anonymous Tip Panel and Crime Ticker.

We’ve even built in an Always On Notifications feature that will keep you aware of the latest Crime Alerts since you last visited the Crime Stream, even when the app isn't running.

Stay tuned, as we're also committed to adding more information as it becomes available to us on a variety things from Auto and Smartphone theft, right through to location-based services such as Registered Sex Offender addresses, nearest police stations, and more two way interaction between you and your city authorities.

Download Crime Watch San Diego today. Stay concerned, be alert, always be vigilant...and help in keeping America's Finest City just that!

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