There are cases when people have either witnessed a crime, have a suspicion, or are aware that crime is being planned, but hesitant to come forward to report. Forcing people to identify themselves as part of providing a tip-off might therefore lead to missing out on a lot of useful information. So I Thought to create such a platform through which a person can give tip-off about any suspicious activity or crime in a secure and completely anonymous manner.

What it does

The portal allows users to report criminal activity anonymously as well as by providing information. For security purposes, blockchain will be helpful in the anonymous case.

How we built it

This Portal is built by using Python, and Django. For frontend experience, Tailwind CSS is used. and for automation purpose, celery and Redis is used.

Challenges we ran into

I spend much time thinking about the creative idea. After that for automation purposes, I used celery. I faced some errors in that. but I learned that and implemented it successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of / Features

  • User Authentication with social handles ( Google auth etc)
  • Frontend By using tailwind
  • User-Friendly Frontend
  • Celery Automation
  • Google reCAPTCHA

What we learned

  • API request and response handling
  • Tasks Scheduling
  • Creative thinking
  • Project planning

What's next for Crime Scene Reporting Portal

  • Blockchain for security purposes
  • The user will be able to schedule task

The project is Open for Contributions steps to follow are included in the README.MD

please check out the GitHub and Youtube Demo Link


Youtube link


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