We were inspired by the possibilities A.I. could have in our lives and the room for growth the technology has in our everyday lives.

What it does

We use public data provided by government research to train a neural network to predict crime given a certain amount of parameters

How we built it

We began using the Angular and Flask Frameworks and built most of the app this way using TensorFlow to generate the neural networks. However after a couple of hiccups we ended using Vanilla HTML and Javascript for the front-end while keeping the Flask Backend

Challenges we ran into

Learning new frameworks and parsing data from one language to another

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The neural network works perfectly and can predict and determine the probability of crimes given the parameters.

What we learned

We learned that neural networks are a powerful tool in teaching a computer to think, always being able to learn faster than us humans. We also learned about Web Development frameworks and how greatly useful they are.

What's next for Crime rate predictions using A.I. and Open Data

Hopefully we can integrate Block Chain technology to allow the A.I. to learn about different types of fields, not only crime rates. This way being able to predict an infinite amount of things, hopefully leading to better understanding of Machine Learning.

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