Conway's Game of Life is the simplest simulation of life. I used it to show conceptual image for simulation of human life. Game of Life takes only few rules to express life. However, human life is complicated and difficult to simulate. Thus, visual image using your actual data helps you to think about your life and future.

What it does

Just prototype of simulation of life is using only your eye color phenotype information to show the color of life cells. Tendency of your eye color is on the cell.

How I built it

I am interested in artificial life, cell automaton and Processing language. So I used all to build this simple application.

Challenges I ran into

I used p5js and heroku first time. They were very easy to use, but it was a challenge for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Applied genome information and phenotype to this artificial life.

What I learned

Not only genome information but also epigenetic and environmental factors recorded as life log are important to know about myself.

What's next for crick

  1. To be more sophisticated simulation, more genome information should be used.
  2. Also life log or epigenetic information should be used
  3. The rules of Game of Life is too simple to express human life, so rules should be more reliable. ....

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