What it does

People today want to control everything from the palm of their hands with smartphones and tablets remotely controlling more devices by the day. Our iOS app, CRIB, utilizes the concept of “Internet of Things” in order to connect the CRIB mobile app to household appliances, ranging anywhere from a dishwasher and fans to a thermometer and LED lights. We used the IBM Watson IoT platform on Bluemix to develop this app. For the hardware, we obviously did not have access to actual home appliances with wifi connection, so we used 2 Intel Edisons, LED lights, LCDs, sensors, and a motor in order to simulate mechanics in appliances. Our app enables us to change the color of an LED, increase or decrease the speed of a motor, write to a LCD screen, and read the current temperature.

How we built it

Our hardware consists of two Intel Edisons with a base shield on each. We hooked up an RGB LED and and LCD display on one Intel Edison and a temperature sensor and a DC motor on the other. On the front end, we utilized Xcode and MQTT Framework to connect the Xcode to the Watson server. We hosted the cloud on the Watson Bluemix Internet of Things platform. Our team used JavaScript and a bit of Python to carry out functions of the hardware. Finally, we utilized Objective-C and Swift to develop the CRIB iOS app.

What's next for CRIB

Out next steps for CRIB is to implement a speech to text and voice recognition system, making a home nearly hands-free. Watson API includes these features and would make it simple to achieve. Furthermore, we could try to make our app universal instead of grounded to specific devices.

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