There is an abundance of public data that is accessible today that is underutilized. We saw an opportunity to present crime information from our community in an engaging and meaningful format.

What it does based on making open data about communities interesting, meaningful, and accessible.

How I built it

Hardware: Gear VR, Samsung Galaxy S7 Software: Unity, Mapbox, Oculus VR

Mapbox provides a Unity package that can be used to generate the map terrain, imagery, and building data. We manipulated the data through the Mapbox online interface to add crime statistics from the Virginia Tech police page and color-coded regions on the map based on crime thresholds.

Challenges I ran into

The dataset we used for the project can be found here. This dataset is in PDF form so we had to use a program to convert the dataset to an excel file and then write a python script to remove unnecessary fields and format the data to be used in Mapbox.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have been to a couple hackathons and are glad to experience working with some hardware.

What I learned

Data visualization in Virtual Reality is still a new and growing field. There are many people currently working on some of the limitations and problems that we ran into while working on this project. There are still problems out there that are unsolved!

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