Everyone likes to be cheered on. Whether it means you are a football player or simply a fan, we wanted to make something that would make people feel good about themselves and the accomplishments they do. We want to encourage people to go to events hosted by their university and passively help events with low turnouts gain more fans, and to help large events reward loyal fans while also advertising their sponsors with coupons and deals. We were inspired by the natural human tendency to want to be rewarded.

What it does

This mobile and web-based loyalty application targets the University of Oregon's student body in order to increase fan engagement at various sporting events. As students attend games, they have the opportunity collect rewards in the form of exclusive deals and discounts for places near and on campus. This also works to the benefits of the hosts of sporting events such as a university, because the app would passively encourage students that go to major events (like Football) to come to other events that may not have as high as a turn out to get those points. The app includes features that reward students that pay attention and contribute to the enthusiasm of the live game. As a result

How we built it

We created a server using Flask that is hosted into a Heroku platform. The site was made with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap. Our (tentative) mobile app is made with Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with an idea; making this application unique and appeal to both investor and all users. Another thing we had difficulty with was using Android Studio to implement the mobile app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to collaboratively make and clean up a site that worked online. We're also proud of how we implemented our ideas and create a presentable product within the deadline. We overcame our challenges and we're just happy that nothing's terribly broken.

What we learned

We learned that coming up with an innovative and unique idea is the most difficult step of the project. It isn't something you can google and find answers with a click of a button.

What's next for Crew Points

Expansion is the next step for Crew Points. Possibly expanding the market to more than just college students and tapping into the sports fan market.

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