Our struggle to find teammates for this hackathon. Who wasn't texted a dozen times even after finding a team successfully?

What it does

It allows hackers to make teams for hackathons, so they can collaborate with each other. It facilitates looking for those, who are currently available. Share skills and knowledge. It also helps teams to find free hackers to fill in the gaps in the required stack.

How we built it

Falsk for API, React for front-end. Completely decoupled.

Challenges we ran into

It wasn't easy to deploy, it wasn't easy to think of the logic of the application. Considering the best user experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did it! And it works! Will polish it and put on our resumes.

What we learned

Developing decoupled web application that is completely driven by data that is received from a remote api.

What's next for CretoHacks

Perhaps collaboration with MLH to provide the full list of hackathons. Launch a small server and see, if the service will be in demand.

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