In this day and age, concerts and music streaming services are the primary sources of revenue for music artists to promote their work. Especially due to COVID-19, artists have relied on online services to earn profit and reach out to new audiences. With that said, upcoming artists find it incredibly difficult to grow their audience. The music industry is one of the most difficult industries to break into since a very small percentage of popular artists hoard the vast majority of the attention. Our goal is to create a platform that incentivizes people to pay more attention to upcoming artists. Such incentives include things like greater personal engagement with artists and greater discoverability of their music.

What it does

Crescendo has several features promoting discoverability and engagement. The home page of the website is the discover music page, where listeners can search for new songs based on category. If they like a song, they can put it in a playlist or ‘recommend’ the song (as opposed to ‘liking’ the song) to others.

This recommendation will be posted in the Community Feed, where a message indicating the song has been recommended will pop up in both the listener’s and the artist’s feed. The Community Notes is where the artist can also post news updates and song release posts within their own created community. Artists can also manage their tracks and analytics through a private dashboard.

One major feature of Crescendo is ‘Requests’, a feature that allows artists to post musical favors in exchange for monetary support. Listeners might pay for options such as a song request or a musical Happy Birthday note. With these additional features, the engagement between listeners and artists is much stronger, and artists have greater opportunities to solidify their following.

How we built it

Figma was used to come up with the initial sketches for the application. We also used the Spotify API in order to search for and play music for certain categories.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest obstacle was time. We realized that our vision for the project was much bigger than expected, so we had to prioritize which features were the most important. As a result, we were not able to fully implement some features such as Analytics and our Community Notes. We also struggled with technical issues, as some of our laptops had difficulty running the software necessary to test our project. Additionally, we had never worked with the Spotify API or Flask.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of fleshing out a functional web application that looks presentable. We are also proud of utilizing the Spotify API to search for and play song snippets within a certain category.

What we learned

We improved upon our previous knowledge of HTML and CSS. We also learned how to use the Flask web framework.

What's next for Crescendo

Crescendo has many more opportunities for development in the future. Since we were not able to fully implement every feature we had in mind, we would like to complete these in a robust manner. We would also integrate other APIs and services such as Stripe to power transactions or analytical APIs for artists and listeners. Further down the line, we would improve on existing APIs and create frameworks mainly focused on improving music recommendation algorithms to promote upcoming artists.

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