Paid through nose for Higher Education despite 740 GMAT, stellar consulting experience, awards and recommendations, and didn't apply to Harvard due to inability to get student loan. Recently, watched inspiring MasterChef season where a supertalented cook had to perform in Gentlemen's club due to student debt. This issue is global, extremely painful but solvable.

What it does

Assesses student across 3 broad parameters of Career (Employability), Character (Prudence), Creditworthiness (Ability and Willingness to Repay Loans) based on past and current indicators, and social references.

How I built it

Built a generic configurable rule engine that assigns weights to, and factors in Income, College Score, Grades,

Challenges I ran into

Should've registered earlier to make a stronger team in time, and build a more elegant solution.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Staying bang on track and super focused to roll out an app in time.

What I learned

Instant income pull using Plaid API is beautiful and frictionless takes a lot of guesswork out of creditworthiness assessment.

What's next for Crely

Win Plaid prize and make this a production app for college students.

Built With

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