We've all heard the horror stories - dates who don't know Java from Javascript and think hackers are hunted by the FBI. We wanted an easy panic button, so you could get out of situations that are awkward, or even illegal.

How it works

The Pebble app has a companion Android app. Open up the pebble app (which is set up to look just like a clockface) before your date/sketchy situation. If you need to activate the app, the up button calls a pre-programmed emergency number (i.e. 911), the select button texts a friend with an automated SOS, and the down button will direct a call to your own phone so you can pretend to have a family emergency. To confirm that you did press a button (and help is on the way), the screen will toggle between white background with black lettering and black background with white lettering.

Challenges we ran into

None of us have worked with Pebble before, and most of us have never worked with Android. We hit a couple walls along the way. Familiarizing ourselves with Pebble took awhile, and trying to get the two apps to communicate was a definite challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning new technologies in a few short hours. Amazing team work between strangers (though this was so effortless, it almost can't be considered an accomplishment). Kickstarting I (Margaret) and John's acting careers, and Vince's directing/producing/writing career (kidding).

What we learned

How pebbles work. How android apps work. That you don't have to be a pro - just a good measure of perseverance - to hack something together.

What's next for Creepr

We think we could include more functions, which would be activated by double-clicking buttons. We would like to integrate GPS, so Creepr could send texts with our location, and possibly tie in apps like Tinder, to enable sending pictures of who the user is with.

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