With the continuous increase of the media coverage and degradation of the media quality, the amount of the data needed to be analysed by a finTech employee increased drastically. Searching for the latest trends affecting clients investments portfolio and taking right decisions becomes more and more difficult. With growing number of clients an advisory model relying on manual analytics becomes not scalable.

As a client of the bank at some point you start to invest your money in different industries. The portfolio that we create will help with tracking the trend of your income, your expenses and the way you invest.

The profit from the investment is fluctuating. Nowadays, the adviser from the bank tries to inform you for any possible risk due to events that happen in the country that you invest or in a specific company.

We have the solution for both you as a client or a bank advisor. The bank advisor do not need to search manually for any risk that his client might face.

With sCredit the bank adviser will have an automatic notification when any of the clients will be at risk. This is done by filtering information based on the characteristics and preferences of his client.

For the client, the solution comes more straightforward by notification/ alerts on the online banking. This alert come in a form of news with are personalised based on his portfolio.

Collaboration between the bank advisor and the client. With our new platform the risk for of the investment will be delivered in a record time. sCredit makes investment work transparent, efficient, and collaborative.

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