What it does

Our platform game centers around the character Octocat, who needs your help in building his credit score. You must navigate E-World to collect coins and direct Octocat towards the correct answers. If you answer all of the questions correctly and collect all of the coins, then you will have a perfect credit score. Good luck!

How we built it

We utilized GDevelop in order to create our app.

Challenges we ran into

Before we started this project, we were unfamiliar with GDevelop and we had to learn how to use it. Being non-computer science majors, making a game at all was daunting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We used each of our strengths to complete a fully functional game, which would help students learn about valuable life skills, including credit and debt management.

What we learned

We learned how to utilize GDevelop in order to create an app in an efficient manner.

What's next for CreditLife

Next, we would love to flesh out the game and add more interactive elements.

Built With

GDevelop and sheer willpower

Built With

  • gdevelop
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