When looking into CapitalOne to brainstorm for the financial challenge, I realised I don't actually know anything about finance. I mean, does anyone? It's one of those mysterious fields with huge importance but little transparency. So I decided to combine a classic clicker game-style (except less delicious) with a comedic goal, while actually providing a learning opportunity.

What it does

It's never been so easy to destroy your credit score! Simply click and watch as the state of your finances descends into madness. Buy upgrades and you can ruin your future even faster.

How I built it

It's a simple HTML and CSS combination, with a bit of JavaScript. Nothing too fancy, but a good learning experience for a web newbie like me.

Challenges I ran into

As a first-time Flex user, the elements really did not want to be positioned where I wanted them to be. Getting JavaScript working was also a bit of a challenge as I don't have any previous experience with it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was supposed to attend this event as a team but unfortunately circumstances beyond our control meant that two hours after the hackathon began, I was left to fight this one solo! I'm proud I managed to produce a working game and challenge myself to learn some new things, even if they aren't too complicated for other more experienced hackers.

What I learned

How to use CSS to make your web page actually look alright, rather than lime green backgrounds and Comic Sans Using Flex for alignment Writing JavaScript functions Using git bash and creating my first repo!

What's next for CreditCrunch

I'd like to add plenty more upgrades for the committed gamers, including hiding some easter eggs (no spoilers...)

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posted an update

Proud to say CreditCrunch has won Funniest Hack at Hack Sheffield 6, and 3rd for the Capital One sponsored Best Financial Hack challenge! I'll be continuing to polish it over the next couple of weeks and get it to a more complete state.

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