I'm a university student in Bangalore India, I love working in the field of AR/VR/MR. For around 2 years I'm working on to find use cases in this field which can be used by the large community.

I have multiple Credit/debit cards and to manage all of them I have multiple application and for each one, I have to remember the password for different accounts, this was a very tedious process so what I was thinking to create a single app which is linked with all my accounts and whenever I want to know status of my account I can do it seconds.

AR was limited to marker scale until Apple and Google have released the native support for the platforms which have introduced the advanced SLAM which helps in storing virtual object to world scale.

What it does

CreditAR is an app that scans credit/debit cards using augmented reality and is able to retrieve all transactional information, thus enabling customers to have a single point view of their finances

Why USE of AR

Augmented Reality (AR) is a tech in which a virtual object is augmented into real-world Data management is one of the key aspects of today’s banking world. And better data visualization helps in taking data-driven decisions easily. Using AR we can show the user banking data in form of 3D imaging which can help users to manage their spendings AR is also useful in viewing the large quantity of data such as in the stock market

How we built it

We used Unity as a framework and ARkit and Vuforia as AR SDKs, later we developed our own API's through firebase so that we can get the data of the user in the format we need. with that, we are also trying to use VISA's Digital Card and Account Services API's in our application How it works First time registration - the user need to select the bank and scan the card, and OTP will be sent to the registered user of the card. ( After the OTP verified the user can see the account analytics in AR

Challenges we ran into

there are lots of security challenges involved in it such as secure connection with bank API , storing user credentials in the app Another challenge is the use of cards for every time user want to see the account details.

Is card necessary

The ultimate aim of the idea is to show the user data in the single point of view, not necessary on the user cards Card is necessary for only first-time user authentication. The user will be having an option to visualize data without cards once they are authenticated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have been working on this idea from last 6 month and showed it to different banks and cardholder companies such as Synchrony financial, American Express and Fullerton India. to get their feedback on this idea. we are continuously modifying the app for the best user experience

What's next for CreditAR - Account management in Augmented Reality

Scaling it to the large level where we can get the access to each bank API's

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