Paperworks suck! But still lots of processes at legacy companies are heavily dependent on it. We want to offer a true digital experience provided by the bank.

What it does

Credit Suisse Confidentia provides a customer platform that lets the bank handle data and subscriptions with third party providers. As an effect all paperwork is handled by the bank which gives the customer a digital interface to every day processes.

How we built it

The solution consists of a progressive web application for the user exposed frontend, as well as a backend server based on python. Printing requests are registered by another server application running on a raspberry pi, where they get issued to a centralized printing system.

Dispatching of the physical letters is then done by existing processes within the bank.

Challenges we ran into

  • Setting up printing functionality on the raspberry pi
  • Limited time to gather data to retrain a deep neural network
  • Identifying customer needs as well as well as feasible implementations into existing banks

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We used multiple cutting edge technologies such as deep neural networks trained in the cloud as well as app deployments into the cloud.

What we learned

How to quickly iterate on the code base under time pressure. We learned to adapt our planning to new insights into customer requirements.

What's next for Credit Suisse Confidentia

We imagine a bank that automates as many tedious processes as possible for its customers using Robot Process Automation as well as Optical Character Recognition to analyze incoming physical mail.

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