People oftentimes have too much on their plate to keep track of their purchase history and make sure they’re not overspending. As undergraduates, with midterms and finals piling on, we definitely share this problem. By realizing where you’re mostly spending your money and setting a budget for yourself, you can not only decrease your spending but also direct your money towards more meaningful causes!

What it does

GP$ tracks your purchase history on a monthly basis for different spending categories, including food, clothes, transportation, etc. You can set different budgets for each of these categories and GP$ will notify you when you’ve exceeded your budget and by how much. For months when you’ve spent less than your budget, you can select an amount from your surplus to donate to different start-ups and ongoing fundraisers that GP$ will recommend for you. For example, you can donate $5 to an AAPI member who has been fatally injured and needs medical assistance.

How we built it

We primarily used Python and for web scraping, we used HTML and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Difficulty implementing some of the class functions from an HTML we scraped into Python
  2. Originally scraped HTML from gofundme, which oftentimes did not include a list of the titles of all the fundraisers, so we also searched for different funrdraiser crowdfunding sites, including Fundly and Built In Chicago.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the short amount of time given, we were very successful at finding different avenues to accomplish our goals when facing challenges. Our main objective was to create a FinTech project that assists people financially. Initially, we started off with the idea of calculating users’ credit scores, which entailed a complicated makeup of payment history, debt, account, etc. that was difficult to navigate. So in keeping with our main objective, we tweaked our project and created GP$! What we’re most proud of GP$ is that it not only conveniently assists people’s financial needs, but provides an easy channel for people to support important causes and local small businesses by donating to ongoing fundraisers.

What we learned

Webscraping using Javascript was relatively new for us and we faced some difficulty implementing the class functions from HTMLs to Python. In the process, we learned a lot about organizing data and compiling it in a manner that’s easy for users to navigate through GP$.

What's next for GP$

New fundraisers one mile ahead! GP$ will incorporate more fundraisers assorted in different categories such as medical, nonprofit, emergency, etc. so that users can have a more convenient donation experience. They can also add more specific categories of spending such as books, furniture, etc.

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