There are 1.1 billion people without Official Identity (ID). Without this proof of identity, they can't get access to basic financial and medical services, and often face many human rights offences, due the lack of accountability.

The concept of a Digital Identity is extremely powerful. In Estonia, for example, everyone has a digital identity, a solution was developed in tight cooperation between the public and private sector organizations.

Digital identities are also the foundation of our future, enabling:

  • P2P Lending
  • Fractional Home Ownership
  • Selling Energy Back to the Grid
  • Fan Sharing Revenue
  • Monetizing data
  • bringing the unbanked, banked.

What it does

Our project starts by getting the user to take a photo of themselves. Through the use of Node JS and AWS Rekognize, we do facial recognition in order to allow the user to log in or create their own digital identity. Through the use of both S3 and Firebase, that information is passed to both our dash board and our blockchain network!

It is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling one source of truth that corrupt governments nor hackers can edit.
From there, users can get access to a bank account.

How we built it

Front End: | HTML | CSS | JS

APIs: AWS Rekognize | AWS S3 | Firebase

Back End: Node JS | mvn

Crypto: Ethereum

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the front end to the back end!!!! We had many different databases and components. As well theres a lot of accessing issues for APIs which makes it incredibly hard to do things on the client side.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building an application that can better the lives people!!

What we learned

Blockchain, facial verification using AWS, databases

What's next for CredID

Expand on our idea.

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