People have an interest to do donate time and/or resources but don't always know how. Research has shown that givers give when they meet an opportunity that is big, selfless, and simple, that it actually makes them happier. We want to make the world a happier place.

What It Does

CRED allows users to value their values in a new way, incentivizing social service and community building through a new application on the blockchain, allowing the users of the social impact network to retain ownership over their own data. It allows for an immutable, transparent record evidencing the reputation of altruistic givers and seekers. The blockchain also reduces the risk of losses by automating all transactions via smart contracts.

How We Built It

We created the UX/UI design of the application in Figma for the purpose of the demo. It would be built in the Ethereum network using a utility token or a stable token.

Challenges We Ran Into

We initially wanted to build the design in the Ethereum network using the metamask browser wallet but we did not have sufficient time to code the prototype. The Big-Picture Idea is centered around multiple features that enforce and support the self-sustainability and viability of a social impact network; however for the sake of this hackathon we simplified the idea to demonstrate the value within a 2 min presentation of a solid MVP that allows for all its forseen growth.

Accomplishments We're Proud Of

We are proud of the research compiled to understand the need and desire of the prospective users of this application. Not to mention simplifying a ten year plan into a minimum viable product was a feat in and of itself.

What We Learned

We learned that there is value is having a hybrid design to the social network since aspects of the network should be managed centrally (like content management) in order to keep the altruistic principles at the center of the platform but also leveraging the decentralized benefit of maintaining the smart contracts.

What's Next for CRED

Building! All of us are working on improving our Solidity skills! We welcome everyone to join us in fulfilling this vision. This blockchain ecosystem is just the beginning of a much larger accessibility and sustainability plan for future growth and impact. In the meantime, Perfect Ten Media Group is working with Be Who You Art in France to create social impact events that experiment with the viability of this ecosystem applied in the real world, awarding CRED to volunteers who help bring this vision to life.

we only have what we can create together.

Built With

  • solidity-figma-xd
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