games like diablo 2 and pokemon

What it does

using chainlink vrf for random stat generation. players can create a creature, give it a unique name, and engage in high stakes PvP and PvE battles. the loser of the battle is deleted as well as the equipped item. the winner gets the chance to create an item if item creation "fails" then player is given tokens that are used to upgrade item stats.

How I built it

built using eth-brownie

Challenges I ran into

multi-contract interactions

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

very new to solidity and software development in general this is the most complicated piece of software I even written so far.

What we learned

A whole lot, multi-contract interactions.

What's next for Creatures and Items - battles

marketplace for game items, mmo style boss battles that require multiple people, single player boss battles, crafting mechanics, front end.

Built With

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