I came across so many really good content creators, I learn from them every day like smart contract programmers, fireship, and many more and I am all into web3 so I try to found out something that is decentralized as web3 and more powerful than Pateron, cause Patreon takes good chuck of creators money i.e is not very "web3 and for the community" so I decided to build "CreatorLabs" which allows creators to create pages and allows there users to stake on there content/themself and for the user, this is also fun because now they can support their creators and take part in learning to earn using very cool features of DEFI. Here users stake on their creator and earn SKRT reward tokens and use them for many more perks on our roadmap.

What it does

It allows the creator to create a Profile that they can share within their community and users can stake Matic tokens and earn SKRT tokens which they later exchange with other tokens and hold to unlock roadmap and other premium features with CreatorLabs

How we built it

All the smart contracts are deployed on Mumbai testnets and for frontend, I use Nextjs for hosting Spheron, and IPFS For storing Metadata for NFTs

Challenges we ran into

for Spheron this is my first time so that's a challenge writing a Defi staking smart contract is a huge challenge in itself and I uses foundry for writing smart contract but learning all this is fun and challenging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Build my very first DEFI app where a learn a lot about how staking contracts works and how to create a frontend for the same and add it to Spheron

What we learned

about DEFI concepts on staking, Spheron and how to use foundry

What's next for CreatorLabs

Next is to create a system that allows the creator to keep gate their content for stakes/users using NFTs most of the things are already built like saving metadata to IPFS but still a contract that allows each creator to lauch their own NFT collection

Built With

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