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This video NFT platform was created specially for the Dfinity Supernova hackathon.

This entire project is hosted and running on the Internet Computer blockchain.

Feel free to interact with the marketplace and check out the functionality. Buy a Royalty Token, purchase a video rental, and see the revenue split deposited to your wallet.

Try watching a video without purchasing a token, and then purchase a token to see how owning a token unlocks the video.


Demo Videos

We used the DFINITY Supernova Hackathon videos for the Supernova channel, as we thought it would be a really cool way to demonstrate the capabilities of uploading a related series of content.

We hope that these videos can help demonstrate some of the possibilities that Portal hopes to provide for creative and film projects.


Channel Royalties (DIP20)

The channel royalty tokens represent the percent of revenue that is deposited into the bearers account each time a transaction occurs. Our implementation here uses DIP20 tokens to represent the royalty shares.

Because all of the sublicenses and royalty tokens are DIP20 tokens they can be bought, sold, or transferred. In the near future we'll integrate with Sonic directly, allowing creators to automatically create a liquidity pool and enable swaps for royalties and sublicenses as they're created.


100% On Chain Assets

Content is uploaded to the Internet Computer blockchain and stored on smart contracts that are owned and managed by the channel smart contract. This ensures that the channel retains ownership and licensing rights for all content uploaded to the channel.

In addition, on-chain assets provide true ownership of the most important aspect of a data NFT, which is the data itself.

Currently this ability is unique to the Internet Computer, and Portal is the first project that's enabling this opportunity for its creators.


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