I was a content creator and used to put content on TikTok. But found it really difficult to monetize it since adding commercials in a 60-sec video and make it interesting at the same time proved to be difficult. So the idea of creator gifts is born to help creators better monetize their content and make a living out of it. Short-form content is everywhere. Short stories to tik tok style short videos, right we can see it in every social media app so I felt having a button to send gifts would be really helpful for creators.

Use Cases

Suppose you see it's the creator you follow birthday then you send them a birthday gift card or you want to see a particular food vlogger's TikTok then you send them a food related gift card. So it helps the content creators to better monetize their videos

What it does

We have a unique gift button that essentially helps a user to send gifts to your favorite creator or you know it's her birthday so you can send her a unique gift card.

How we built it

I used Flutter and BlinkSky

What we learned

Learned a lot about API's.

Built With

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