We wish to empower everyone regardless of their expertise. That’s why we made Creator. Creator is a no-code app that aims to bridge the gap between web developers and the rest by allowing everyone to build their own website without having to code. The no-code revolution is here.

What it does

Creator has an editor with many customizable elements that you can use to create your website like buttons, text boxes, forms, and many more. Once you're done developing the webpage you can export the html file and it downloads right onto your computer. It allows you to make webpages with no programming experience that you can publish.

How we built it

The web application was built entirely in javascript with an added spice of jquery. We didn’t use any javascript frameworks to implement the interface. We created a framework to add elements such as boxes, forms, cards, and other html elements and used Bulma to style them. We used event listeners to link each unique element with customizable input fields.

Challenges we ran into

One of our developers was a back-end developer and it was his first time delving this deep into the front-end. He had to learn how to walk the DOM and have javascript interact with HTML/CSS in one night with a few youtube videos. Even then, it was difficult implementing a lot of the functionality like the form which was a dynamic object that required a lot of javascript to make work. It took hours and hours just to implement the form.

There were a lot of components and making them all work together seamlessly was a big task. At times, we had trouble with elements that would take up too much space and we had to apply custom CSS to try to trim them down and get rid of padding. Since we aren’t well versed in CSS these tasks cut up a huge chunk in our time.

Since we’re a team of two people it was difficult to manage the large amounts of workload involved in this project. We had to stay up late throughout the night and make every hour count.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of taking part in the no-code revolution and allowing non-programmers to partake in the software development process. We were able to add many components and are happy with the finished product. Many people find technical skills like programming difficult so they stray away from making websites. With an intuitive user interface, creator gives everyone an opportunity to make websites.

What we learned

We learned extensively about javascript's DOM functionality and how to walk the DOM. We also learned how to best utilize the Bulma stylesheet to make html elements look more stylized.

What's next for Creator

We hope to deploy Creator in the future once we add more features onto it. We hope to make it stylistically more appealing and give users more options on what they can select.

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