While everybody is forced to be inside their homes, my father developed a keen interest to cook foods by himself. Even his friends had started to cook different exotic dishes. Then I wondered wouldn't it be wonderful if these people and others who love cooking could share their activities with other people.

What it does

It connects food enthusiasts around the globe through an web-based app.

How I built it

We used HTML, CSS, and Javascript in the frontend and PHP in the backend to validate and create different responses.

Challenges I ran into

One member joined our team but did not do any work. Another member was unsure of how to implement backend in this project, and since he was specialized in the backend, he could not help in the frontend. As a result, both of our members did not contribute to our project. This was bad for us since only two members in the team did the work, which led to more delays in the progress of the project. Furthermore, a team member did not know PHP, and he had to learn it during this Hackathon!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to successfully implement the upload feature on the website, where users upload their recipes.

What I learned

We learned the importance of planning ahead to make sure nothing goes wrong.

What's next for CreativeCook

We will implement machine learning to give personalized recommendations for recipes and their friends.

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