I mostly just build this kind of stuff on my own on the weekends....

but it was nice to lose sleep over it this time I guess.

It makes cool animations

based on the Wave-forms + Frequencies of the mp3 data. also here is a pig --> (0(00)0) oink

How I built it

There is this magic stuff called JavaScript that everyone should take a look at if they have the chance sometime... or not. ;-(

Challenges I ran into

turns out audio frequencies have very precise ranges in which they look interesting. It takes allot of linear and sometime extra-linear transformations to get them to co-operate

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made a thing! and it kinda works. yay! :P

What's next for Creative Visualizations of Audio signals?

A more Interactive experience could prove a more interesting product. (but in reality i'm probs just gonna work on something a little more challenging in the future)

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