After achieving nothing for 30 straight hours, we wanted to prove our ability to complete at least one thing at a hackathon.

What it does

It serves as a reminder and an inspiration to never be afraid of failure and the necessity to sometimes take small steps and make use of perseverance to achieve a greater goal.

How I built it

It's a URL provided by strapped to an HTML and CSS file stored on a github pages page.

Challenges I ran into

Successfully completing any other project but this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We did it!.

What I learned

Sometimes it's better just to achieve something, to prove to yourself that it's possible, instead of jumping straight at impossible dreams and never actually achieving anything at all.

What's next for Alpha

To take forth the simplistic knowledge gained in completing this task, and to roll forward with this knowledge into the future. Perhaps after this we will complete something slightly bigger, and then we'll move on to complete something just a little bit bigger than even that, and even though all these things in the short term will appear to be very small, perhaps some day far in the future we will look back at them and realize just how far we've actually managed to go and just how much we really did manage to bring ourselves to achieve.

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