As young artist I wanted to draw I would go on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest to find step by step detailed art videos and I only find a few of them. And I will always ask myself why can’t I get a detailed video to help.

What it does

My app is called Creative. Creative is also a step by step detail art videos located on your profile. But this is app is a creative space for all artists. You can download this app is Apple devices and android devices as well. Not only u watching detail tutorials. You and see other user art if they are creating, showing process, seeing cool designs on clothes etc. Creative will have color of the day to user if they wanna use or not. Color of the day is little short story or detail information how the color was created and made and how they can use this color in their new work or not. Creative will also have art exhibitions , contest, and scholarships. I want creative to be an app that people can learn and be inspire.

How I built it

I haven’t built it yet. I made layout plan for it

Challenges I ran into

How to not let people Plagiarism other people art. I will create a code, Or meet with Apple and android devices to create a code for a screen or barcode to not screenshot or plagiarized the image or artwork.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Coming up with a good app where you do and old can come together and show artists that it take time to create beautiful art in your own style.

What I learned

I learned that any good idea can be the best idea. Or being in group and having your team members leaving you to do the work and creat best opportunity for you alone.

What's next for Untitled

What’s next will be to see the review on my app. What is wrong with it and what I can improve on it. I want to be a leader to young artist that you can do anything, and the stupid ideas are always the best ideas.

Also a addition note I been having trouble to upload a slide to show my layout plans for the app but it would work. So I will send a link and I give you access to look at it if you like.

Please ignore the video. Sorry I did not make one.

Thank you -Dinah Cross

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