I wanted to redesign my agency website for the longest time now since early COVID since we had a lot of updates to make, but not enough time or motivation to get the project done. Webflow Global Maker Day was the spark that I needed to take a moment and implement it!

What it does

Creative M Studios is a UI/UX agency that specializes in delivering high-end, realistic prototypes, to primarily startups that want to get to market faster and/or in front of investors with their revolutionary idea.

How I built it

I built this using all primarily Webflow components and very little to none custom html/css. The only custom css that was implemented was from CodeCrumbs (navigation bar with a frost-blur effect). All design assets were created using Sketch, After Effects, and Lottie.

Challenges I ran into

The time constraint was the toughest part of this challenge. Webflow does an amazing job making it really simple to build high-end websites able to match designs with pixel-perfect accuracy. Unfortunately, I was only able to build out 2 desktop-first pages in the allotted time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I would say that I am pretty proud of myself for being able to quickly organize and execute 2 fully designed pages, as well as designing, animating, and implementing, a number of vector artwork - all within less than 24 hours (I didn't get to really start until in the evening due to work in the morning).

What I learned

I learned how to better implement custom CSS into page settings and the new clipping components feature.

What's next for Creative M Studios - Redesign

I will continue working on this project probably into the week and next week so that my agency website can be fully up to date with the new redesign!

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