Bringing Us Together Through Music! The tree that fell in the forest was never heard. Sound is engrained within each one of us and resonates among us. We are all artists in a sense and a great way to convey our message is through sound. It's one of the many ways we communicate amongst each other and express ourselves! Even if it's through our voice or an instrument. Music brings the community as a whole together and allows us to synchronize and harmonize within ourselves as well as with others around us. It is the beginning of creativity and can be as pure as the essence that creates it. This site allows Artists all around the world to come together to share and view their and others creations! Let life be the beat and the way you live it be the rythm. Share your creations with others and let the tree be heard!

We also used Arduino to create music using infra red sensor, led lights, and raspberry pi servers and more!

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