(Art)ificial Intelligence. The new creative AI.

Human creativity is the only machine that never stops creating things. But could Artificial Intelligence become “creative”?


After working on many artificial intelligence applications and real world problems from domains such as Medical, Healthcare, Finance and many more, My brain started thinking about some fundamental questions like Artificial Intelligence is capable of many things, but could it become “CREATIVE”? It is clear that humans use AI to boost and enhance their creativity as human beings, however the question I ask myself is whether it’s necessary for this “human-machine collaboration” to exist to create real-value exciting things. Is it really possible for artificial intelligence to create an art masterpiece? Or do something as creative as an artist?!

Hence, I came across the idea to showcase how these computer science algorithms can really make art masterpieces and can be as creative as an artist.

What it does

This project is not very similar to other projects in my portfolio which involves some sort of platform or service, Creative.AI is different and is very amazing. In this project I have used A.I. to create art masterpieces. I have primarily used an algorithm known as Deep Dream. Deep Dream is an algorithm developed by Google, and it's the most freaky, creepy A.I. algorithm to date.

If you wanted to understand Creative.AI in terms of what input you will provide and what are the output and what Creative.AI will do then we can say this that you can pass real world images and out of these images our complete code pipeline will create a Creative video which is not something you have imagined or even seen in your dreams, it would be something like giving humans an extremely powerful drug and now how their creativity would be?!

How we built it

The project entirely depends on the wonders of Artificial Intelligence and Image processing. I have used google colaboratory to implement my code and run it to see the results. I also got some help from Andrew Ng’s course to get through some tough concepts to pull out something like this!

Also, the code uploaded on github can act like a step by step starter for someone who is looking for some Creative.AI stuff, cheers!

Challenges we ran into

Understanding and implementing something that you need to start from scratch can be a challenging task but it looks very fruitful after you pull it out. The same is the case with this project. It required a lot of research and hit and trial to really create an art masterpiece using AI.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completion always gives a feeling of accomplishment hence the final video output out of Creative.AI was a real accomplishment for this project.

What we learned

A lot of new concepts in Artificial Intelligence such as Transfer Learning and how we can utilize some pre-trained model for our project are the learning outcomes of this project.

Built With

  • ai
  • dl
  • google-colab
  • keras
  • ml
  • python
  • tensorflow
+ 15 more
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